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The Musicians


Amanda St. Catherine:  Lead & Harmony Vocals

Dan Andrus:  Lead Vocal on "Goodbye, Singin' Cowboys"

Mark Lavey:  Lead Vocal & Electric Guitar on "If I Could Ride That Train"

Scott Tait:  Harmony Vocals

Allan Miller:  Electric Guitar

Albert Svenddal:  Pedal Steel

Tony Hernandez:  Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Harmony Vocal on "If I Could Ride That Train"

Duane Stombaugh:  Keyboards, Bass Guitar, Steeletto, Roland Banjo

Chet Priewe:  Roland Sax on "Just Remembering You"

Karen Priewe:  Strings

Mark Anderson:  Fiddle

Jim Price:  Fiddle on "Faded Love Is Still My Favorite Song"

Greg Taylor:  Drums


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